Trial Run Seri Ex-Tokyo Metro 05-112F | 元東京メトロ05系112Fの試運転

          Today (15/12),KCJ 05 Series with number 05-112F has done his trial run.The route is between Depok - Manggarai - Bogor and back again to Depok.This set was in same time shipping with 05-104F and 05-105F.As 4th production,it was built in 1991.I don't know why when I share the photos via twitter,many peoples share it again to their friends.After I checked it,I find the reason.The reason is 05-112F has black window guard!It's different with early shipping of 05 Series.To get information about the trial run spends my energy so much.Yesterday I was mis-information and just found Rheostatic Stainless (KL3-86xxx/87xxxx),but I believe that "No Pain,No Gain".So,I can smile when find him.

05-112F デポック駅にて

Paling tua,paling muda
都営6000 - 6121F & 東京メトロ05-112F

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